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Model : Kester 988 SOLDERRING FLUX
Type : Soldering & Cleaning
Maker : Soldering
Simple Explanation
Best-in-class through-hole fill.
Provides excellent solderability on surface mount circuit boards for defect-free.
soldering even after 2x SMT reflow cycles.
Evenly distributed, uniform and tack-free residues on solder mask.
No surface insulation degradation.
Suitable for leaded and lead-free (SnCu and SnAgCu) alloys.
Eliminates the need and expense ofcleaning.
Classified as ROM0 per J-STD-004A.

Product Description

Kester 988 flux is a low solids, no-clean flux that is specially designed for excellent solderability and best-in-class through-hole fill in lead free wave soldering process. The residue left behind is evenly distributed and non-tacky so that boards are cosmetically clean as they exit the wave solder machine. The residue remaining after soldering is non-conductive and can be left on the boards without degrading the reliability of the assembly. Kester 988 is classified as Type ROM0 flux under J-STD-004A specifications.


RoHS Compliance

This product meets the requirements of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive, 2002/95/EC Article 4 for the stated banned substances.


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity (typical): 0.808

Anton Paar DMA 35 @ 25°C

Percent Solids (theoretical): 6.0

Acid Number (typical): 30.0 mg KOH/g of flux

Tested by potentiometric titration

Thinner: Kester 108-S