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Model : Kester 959T SOLDERRING FLUX
Type : Soldering & Cleaning
Maker : Soldering
Simple Explanation
Minimize micro-solderballs.
Extremely shiny joints.
No streaky, white residues.
Improves soldering performance.
Eliminates the need and expense of cleaning.
Classified as ORL0 per J-STD-004.
Compliant to Bellcore GR-78.
Product Description

Kester 959T is a no-clean, non-corrosive, liquid flux that is designed for the wave soldering of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Kester 959T was developed to minimize the formation of micro-solderballs during wave soldering operations. This flux contains a small percentage of rosin (0.5%), which improves solderability, heat stability and surface insulation resistance. Kester 959T offers the best wetting and the shiniest solder joints of any no-clean, solvent-based chemistry. Kester 959T leaves evenly distributed residues for the best cosmetic appearance.
Physical Properties

Specific Gravity: 0.794 ± 0.005

Antoine Paar DMA 35 @ 25°C

Percent Solids (typical): 2.9

Tested to J-STD-004, IPC-TM-650, Method 2.3.34

Acid Number: 21.0 ± 1.0 mg KOH/g of flux

Tested to J-STD-004, IPC-TM-650, Method 2.3.13

pH (10% solution): 3.0

Hanna Instruments 8314 @ 25°C

Flash Point: 18°C (64°F)