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Model : TM-50/TM-50XL/RTM-100
Type : Equipment
Maker : V-tek
Simple Explanation

TM-50 Manual Taping Machine

TM-50 is a low-cost solution for packaging a full range of devices
in 8-72 mm width carrier tape.

  • Precise handling of all taping parameters. Select from several advance speeds to accommodate challenging form factors and minimize part jumping
  • Innovative setup design allows changeover in minutes.
  • Adjustable track assembly for tape widths up to 72 mm
  • User-friendly software assures ease of setup and operation
  • Dual stage fully adjustable heat and PSA sealer assembly
  • Flexible, easy to use, menu-driven software
  • Options available- Vision inspection for pin 1 and mark verification, vacuum pen, empty pocket detector, full sensor and software packag

TM-50XL Manual Taping Machine

With the same features as the TM-50, the heavy duty TM-50XL can accommodate larger components in tape widths from 8-120 mm while still maintaining a competitive price advantage.

  • Sturdy adjustable track assembly for large tape widths up to 120 mm
  • Dual stage fully adjustable heat and PSA sealer assembly.
  • User friendly software allows features such as multiple job storage and recall, part marking integration and vision integration, sensor monitoring capabilities and automatic leader/trailer.

RTM-100 Radial Taping Machine

Radial Taping Machine handles most radial components with a large variety of body diameters

  • One step seating plane adjustment
  • Tapes components with 2-4 leads
  • Leads diameter from 0.034 ? 0.890 mm
  • Custom tooling for all lead pitches
  • Digital counter and temperature setting with header monitor and alarm system